DCCSS-LATER study part 1

Nationwide cohortstudy questionnaires & linkages studies

In the Netherlands, we have identified more than 12,000 5-year survivors treated for childhood cancer between 1963 and 2014.  6,165 survivors participated in the multidisciplinary DCCSS-LATER study part 1, which included data about childhood cancer diagnosis and treatment, health, lifestyle, and psychosocial functioning from questionnaires, and data on health outcomes from linkage to health registries. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36519590/

StudyTitlePI’s and researchers
LATER A-data registrationLATER A-dataregistratieM. van der Heiden
Overall coordination DCCSS LATER 1 infrastructureDCCSS LATER 1 infrastructure: Infrastructure for the nationwide DCCSS LATER 1 study: questionnaires and linkages on late effects
among Dutch childhood cancer survivors (KWF)
L. Kremer*, H. Caron, E. van Dulmen-den Broeder, A. Postma
DCCSS LATER 1 substudies 
MortalityDCCSS LATER 1 substudy: Late mortality in childhood cancer survivors according to pediatric cancer diagnosis and treatment era (EU: PCSF)C. Ronckers*, L. Kremer  
PhD: E. Kilsdonk
Burden of DiseaseDCCSS LATER 1 substudy: Long-term morbidity and healthcare consumption in childhood cancer surivors: national linkage study (Burden of Disease) (KWF)L. Kremer*, W. Tissing, J. Korevaar (NIVEL)   PhD: N. Streefkerk
Dosimetry RTDCCSS LATER 1 substudy: cohort-based radiation dosimetry for long-term survivorship research (EU: PCSF & AMC)C. Ronckers*, W. Dolsma, L. Kremer, J. Kok
Social outcomeDCCSS LATER 1 substudy: Social outcomes in childhood cancer survivorsM. Grootenhuis*, H. van der Pal, J. Loonen, E. van Dulmen-den Broeder, A. de Vries, L. Kremer
Life styleDCCSS LATER 1 substudy: Life style in childhood cancer survivors (EU: PCFU)S. Pluijm*, J. Loonen*  
PhD: E. Bouwman
FATIDCCSS LATER 1 substudy: Prevalence and risk factors of cancer related fatigue in childhood cancer survivorsJ. Loonen*, H. Knoop
PhD: S. van Deuren
FRTMDCCSS LATER 1 substudy: Reproductive potential in male survivors of childhood cancer J. Loonen*, C. Beerendonk, E. van Dulmen-Den Broeder
PhD: J. Claessens
QoL SF36 NLDCCSS LATER 1 substudy: Treatment-related Quality of Life in Dutch long-term survivors of childhood cancer (EU: PCL)M. Grootenhuis*, E. Van Dulmen-den Broeder, L. Kremer, H. Maurice-Stam
PhD Student: L. van Erp.
Upper-body radiotherapyDCCSS LATER 1 substudy: Long-term side effects of upper-body radiotherapy: Evaluation of risk factors and detailed assessment of clinical characteristics to inform pediatric radiotherapy and survivorship care (KiKa)C. Ronckers*, L. Kremer, G. Janssens,   PhD: L. Verbruggen
ColonDCCSS LATER 1 study: Colorectal adenoma and cancer after treatment for pediatric cancer – risk, risk factors, and surveillance guidelines (KWF)L. Kremer*, J. Teepen, C. Ronkers 
PhD: A. Westerveld
Tinnitus and hearing aidDCCSS LATER 1 study: Tinnitus and hearing aid in childhood cancer survivors (Group van den Heuvel)M. Van den Heuvel*, L. Kremer, W. Tissing   PhD: A. Meijer
Course of cardiotoxicityDCCSS LATER 1 study: Clinical course of acute and late cardiac dysfunction after childhood cancer treatment: a DCOG-LATER studyL. Kremer*, E. Feijen, W. Tissing, W. Kok
PainLATER clinical studies: Pain in childhood cancer survivors; a DCOG LATER studyJ. Loonen*, M. Grootenhuis,
SMNDCCSS LATER 1 study extension: risk and time trends of subsequent tumors after five decades of pediatric cancer treatment (Máxima grant)J. Teepen, L. Kremer*, C. Ronckers  
PhD: A. Westerveld
SMN, cardiac and lifestyleLifestyle risk factors comorbidities and physical activity and subsequent malignant neoplasms and cardiac outcomesJ. Teepen, L. Feijen, S Pluijm, L. Kremer